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Jerry Vreeman


Our Executive Director is Rev. Jerry Vreeman, a radio/television evangelist, businessman, church consultant, teacher, married to his first wife, Cori, for 47 years, father of six & grandfather to six.  He coordinates LION activities and operations in the U.S., but also spends significant time with the LIOs (leaders in obscurity) in developing countries like India, Africa, the Middle East, & the Caribbean.  On the field his role is to encourage, enable, & empower existing national leaders who often work in obscurity. Using his God given gifts & experience, Jerry is our primary consultant, trainer, teacher, & motivator. He is an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church, currently living in Colorado Springs & serving LIOs around the world – traveling worldwide 6-8 times per year.


JIM Kuiper

Jim has been a member of the LION board since its conception in 2008. He resides in Michigan with wife, Noni. Jim can be reached via email: jim@lionoutreach.org

Amy @ the New Life Orphanage

Amy @ the New Life Orphanage


Amy Vreeman is Jerry's daughter & lives in Los Angeles. She and Jerry have traveled together as a team extensively and are great partners in ministry – Jerry teaching & preaching and Amy leading worship & capturing audio, video, & other media. Amy & her husband, Lukas Odhner manage the website & social media aspects of LION. amy@lionoutreach.org

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