Did you sleep in a tent or under a tarp this summer?

Did you sleep in a tent or under a tarp this summer?

Camping in the woods or spending time on a beach under a canopy can be a lot of fun. But what if you had no choice? What if the only shelter for you and your family was a tarp or a tent? That’s what our leaders and their families in Nepal have experienced since the massive 8.1 earthquake on April 25 and the hundreds of huge aftershocks since then.

What about church? 

Have you experienced some great services and exciting worship this summer? Or, since it was vacation time, did you and your family spend a little more time doing “home church?”

Did you know that thousands of our brothers and sisters in India braved 115° temperatures to walk many miles to learn, worship, and serve with their fellow church members?

Sometimes I forget how blessed my life is. Perhaps you have experienced the same thought.   That’s why I am so grateful for the hundreds of volunteers, leaders, and donors who have helped us in the past by supporting the ministry of L.I.O.N. Outreach International on the other side of the world. Sharing our blessings with those in need is such a joy! 

Together we’re making a difference in many lives. I hope the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and photos enclosed will convince you of that. At the same time, the work in India and Nepal over the past three months has nearly depleted all of our financial resources. We truly need immediate help.

Will you please take a few minutes to review what is happening through L.I.O.N. and prayerfully consider an immediate generous contribution to help us continue the work? Thank you so much! 

His servant and yours,

Jerry Vreeman
Executive Director